Hatmara Merkava Book published in Portuguese

Hatmara Merkava bookWe are delighted to announce that the book “HATMARA-MERKAVA – Wisdom of Life”  by Naomi Imber Feinberg has been published in Portuguese.
The public launch was on September 13th, 2012  in Lisbon at Espiral bookstore.

  • To purchase the book, more information, please contact the publisher: Maitreya Publications
  • To purchase the book in Lisbon, go to the Espiral bookstore, or in places where there are Hatmara activities (Roda de Luz).
  • To purchase the book in Leiria, go to the Boa Leitura bookstore, or in places where are Hatmara activities.

Naomi Feinberg’s Hatmara Merkava book  was published about a year and half in English. The Slovenian and Hebrew version has also been published. It has long been waiting for the English version of this book, which tells the journey of the author in the development of this method, her dreams and messages from her guides as well as a detailed explanation of the theory of complementary energy, and the Merkava code Yehi OR and how to apply it in its most basic aspect.
The book is easy to read because the author gives us the pleasure of reading the stories that underlie the whole theory of the method. The illustration is by the author herself, from the many drawings and paintings she did and have in her home, or provided by friends who she had offered them to.

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