The Hatmara-Merkava method has been developed during the last years through research and practical experiences, and has brought fresh understanding and focus on a new goal; an updated way to make transformation of the causes for suffering in Creation.

The principles are:

The Hatmara-Merkava main message and practice at this stage is to create co-ordination (Ma’arag) instead of conflict and opposition in the Creation network; repair the net and create co-ordination between all which constitutes the network.

In modern-day life, we use many new things which serve and help us, giving us an improved life quality in many ways; improved potential for realization.
In contrast, this can create danger to health and life in general, with the potential to cause damage to the entire environment.

This new technology and equipment [cars & airplanes, industries using chemicals & radiation, petrol & gas and other toxins & pollutants, TVs & computers, cordless & mobile phones, high-voltage electricity structures & microwave masts] has the ability to create a condition of stress & sickness, disasters (including natural disasters,) and lack of fulfillment in life, i.e. suffering.

There is no possibility (and indeed no need) to go back in time and live as before when what we have today did not exist.
Neither is it much help to run away to isolated places (there is nowhere to escape from atmospheric pollution); nor using instruments for protection is the solution in our case.

The key is to create a condition by which we can safely utilize everything at our disposal and benefit from it.
By applying all I have mentioned, there is tuning and co-ordination with the needs of healthy & joyful living, without creating contradiction and damage.

The solution that Hatmara brings is to create tuning of the frequencies and co-ordination of the function between the different essences and elements, in a way that it’s possible to live (and be near) high-voltage power lines and be unaffected in any negative way, and still feel good; the lines don’t inflict harm or damage to other beings.

The aim is to be able to live (or be present) in any and every place and have the ability to tune and co-ordinate with everything or with the essence, even if there is a difference and contradiction between the essence of each one of us (like fire and water.)

The idea is to create co-ordination between beings/essences; to create a condition in which every function or idea can be with life-energy, in connection with other ideas or functions that can be totally different [or even opposites] e.g. the possibility that water and fire are able to function in co-ordination of time and place without destroying each other.

HATMARA for the prevention of conflict and for creation of co-ordination between the essences prevents suffering and creates functioning with life-energy.


All ideas in Creation came from the Infinite Source.
They express themselves at different levels and in different realizations.
When an idea is realized as her/his/its unique idea without damage or limitation, the energy of the idea is with life-energy.

At present, the condition that exists in the world is one of contradiction and conflict of interest in realization between the different elements, ideas and essences (for instance, the possibility that water and fire in realization of their potential will not destroy each other). By creating coordination of time and place, they can realize themselves without limitation- this is functioning in network – Ma’arag.

In a practical meaning

1. Through co-ordination and tuning of the function of the different components, a condition is created that allows the possiblility to live near high-voltage power cables & mobile phone antennas, use mobiles and other wireless equipment, make use of fruits and vegetables even when they are affected by agro-chemical contamination. 
This kind of transformation creates the ability to live in the reality and to use everything available but without being affected by the negative effects.

2. Transformation in the higher plan – in the original plan of the being.
Every transformation and change needs to be done inside the original plan that includes the infinite potential of the being.
This original plan combines the infinite expression and realization potential of the being ad infinitum.

This original plan named by the Hatmara - Y N R N G

Yehida – unrealized potential
Neshama – realized potential as abstract energy
Roach – mental potential realized
Nefesh – emotional potential realized
Guf – physical potential realized

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