The method ‘HATMARA– MERKAVA’ (LIFE-ENERGY) deals with all levels of life.

It is based on:

Using the 7th sense for detecting lack of life energy (energy which allows life to flow – orgon) and transforming the operating flow of life energy.
In this way it is possible to make transformation of awareness and state of mind.

By using cosmic law, the Code of Creation, allows transformation of all which creates unhappiness in life, e.g. sickness of all kinds, emotional and mental obstacles, fears.

It is a new profession for making transformation in life.

The method provides tools and a practical way to transform the ‘un-happy energy’ (like the causes of emotional, mental and physical sickness, fears and traumas, negative state of mind, anger, hatred, unhappiness in life, relationships, etc.) into ‘Energy of life.’

This method helps to contact your inner self, to find awareness of and to transform the fears and blockages which impede the ability to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

‘Hatmara’ (Life Energy) Merkava’ provides tools for self-realization, self-healing, transformation of negative influences and enables you to offer therapy to others.

Hatmara in its essence is an outlook (view), or rather, a movement of cosmic consciousness and a life philosophy for changing consciousness systems and also the way of cosmic/world orders. Therefore in Hatmara (bio transformation), the healing process and reparation of life systems which are sick or not functioning is already operating

Self-consciousness of energy of life

  • Connection with our true self.
  • Connection with our inner joyful energy.
  • Introduction to the 7th sense – energy of life.
  • Experience and practice of being a transformator of light.
  • Transforming the blockages that don’t allow us to be channels in the following areas: thought, feelings, physical body and soul (fears, traumas, negativity of any kind.)
  • Developing the consciousness of a global-wide awareness of energy of life.
  • Just to be what we are.


  • Transformation for all fears and blockages which prevent us from being a unit of light.
  • Meditation, looking inwardly, universal breathing.
  • Sensing different kinds of energy of life, by using various methods – ‘MERKAVA’ – ‘YEHI OR’ – PROGRAM of the ‘thought causes’ – sensing energy in the thymus and in the sensor in the eye lids.
  • Transforming habits and ways of thinking that prevent from us from having an infinite light stream.
  • Universal reparation (TIKUN OLAM) – Complementary Energy.
  • Exchanging treatment for body and soul.
  • Singing, dancing and using colours for integration with nature – life energy.

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