Yehi Or

We are very happy to announce that Hatmara Home is open!

This is a project of Hatmara-Merkava method to take us forward in achieving Tikun Olam.

Our Home is located in Eilat, Israel. It is a beautiful place for you to come learn and grow. We welcome you to stay and to enjoy the activities we held such as therapies, workshops, seminars and retreats. If you want, you…
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The method ‘HATMARA– MERKAVA’ (LIFE-ENERGY) deals with all levels of life.

It is based on:

Using the 7th sense for detecting lack of life energy (energy which allows life to flow – orgon) and transforming the operating flow of life energy.
In this way it is possible to make transformation of awareness and state of mind.

By using cosmic law, the Code of Creation, allows transformation of all which creates unhappiness in life, e.g. sickness of all kinds, emotional and mental obstacles, fears.
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THE PERSON Behind Hatmara

Naomi Imber Feinberg

Was born in Israel/Palestine in 1940.

In her early childhood she lived in the kibbutz “Kfar Ezion” close to Bait-lechem.

In 1948, during the war for independence of the state of Israel, her kibbutz was conquered and destroyed by the Arab forces, and she as a child, with all the mothers and the children took refuge in a monastery in Jerusalem during the war.
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