THE ESSENCE of the Idea of Hatmara

The goal of the HATMARA method is to liberate all beings from suffering and death, from the inevitability of being in the physical dimension and to be released from all that limits the existence on Earth, so we can become wholeness with all its potential.

This can be done by transformation of the fundamental cause – how the Creation law functions – that which creates suffering in Creation.

The reason for all kinds of suffering is that the law upon Life function in Creation creates by itself a state of dependency.

In other words, the life is being dominated by a kind of specific condition, which is under control and subject to limitation. It is inevitable for us to live in this way, as being born puts us under the control of unchangeable laws and frames.

This may be the reason for both human beings and animals alike wanting to continue living, and love their existence in this dimension, but at the same time feeling limited and striving to reach other dimensions.

THE INEVITABILITY of being limited to this dimension causes stress and anxiety as well as a feeling of slavery and being dependent on outside factors that navigate “the puppet” or “my programmed.”

THE INEVITABILITY of living with these limitations of matter causes an inner split (being in the physical dimension on the Earth, enjoying this essence but at the same time being unable to liberate oneself from it like a prisoner or a slave and being confined to this dimension) so it is impossible to reach a state of complete happiness in our existence on Earth.

This phenomenon in general brings me back to the understanding that being in “synchronically Hatmara” (synchronically transformation) helps our consciousness and life essence to alter our condition from “prisoner” to that of having “free choice”, being free and liberated.

With the ability of “synchronically Hatmara” there is no inevitability of living only in the physical dimension. We gain the possibility of enjoying and getting the best of the physical dimension and at the same time going out to other dimensions and returning without the condition of “no choice.” There are records of “searching for the liberation” in many different cultures on Earth. In all the civilizations up to now (at least to my knowledge) the means to this liberation is reached by “going out” of the physical dimension (beliefs of life after death, of the immortal soul and its experimenting with a new body.) There are different ways to leave the body and reach other frequencies, for example by praying, with ceremonies, in a state of trance, with certain drugs, practising different methods of meditation and/or yoga, with different kinds of breathing and various other esoteric exercises.

With all these methods, we achieve a separation of the physical and non-physical. Normally, you either function as a physical body in the physical dimension (even if you have the ability of being conscious in another dimension) or you reach another dimension by going out from the physical consciousness along with all its limitations.

What I mean by full liberation is the ability of having no limitations of the physical body and dimension, which can be done by transforming the physical body to a non-physical and back again (going out with the physical body.) This enables one to travel between dimensions without being separated from the body (as in the case of physical death.) This allows us to be physical and at the same time have the ability to synchronically transform the physical to the non-physical. This enables us to be independent of the laws and limitations of the physical dimension, so we are free to leave it and come back again.

People like Moses, Elijah, Jesus and Padma Sambaba (Guru Rimpoche) accomplished this transformation among all the dimensions with the whole meaning of Hatmara. They showed us the path for the real liberation without the death of the physical body or being in samadhi (this is the function of the spiritual body operating without the physical consciousness.)

They didn’t pass the physical death or samadhi where there is no functioning of the physical body and only the spiritual body exists without physical consciousness.

They showed all by their own example the existence of an ability to transform the physical body and simultaneously change dimensions without a separation between the physical and the non-physical.

They did this by going out with their physical body and coming back again.

The Hatmara method developed and practiced how to attain this ability for all Creation beings.

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