THE PERSON Behind Hatmara

Naomi Imber Feinberg

Was born in Israel/Palestine in 1940.

In her early childhood, she lived in the kibbutz “Kfar Ezion” close to Bait-lechem.
In 1948, during the war for independence of the state of Israel, her kibbutz was conquered and destroyed by Arab forces, and she as a child, with all the mothers and children took refuge in a monastery in Jerusalem.

Afterwards, she stayed  in Jerusalem and there she spent her youth. She studied at the Agriculture high school, and later came back to Jerusalem to study at the Academy to become a kindergarten & primary school teacher of the Jewish religious way.

She served in the Israeli army as a teacher soldier in a border area, where there was still war. She got married, and for one year she had a farm in Galilee, at the same time  continuing her work as a teacher in a religious school.

She moved to another “farm community” where she stayed for two years and where her son was born. Later she moved with her family to Eilat, a new city on the edge of the Sinai desert and the Red Sea; there she opened the first religious kindergarten in the town.

During all those years, she was in a very intensive inner process; her burning question was what is the meaning of this existence? Could all which she had been taught [and grown up] to believe (the Jewish tradition, all the ways of life according to the law of the God) be the only truth? Was it the true answer for life? Was it possible that it could be the only truth?

In 1964, when her daughter was born, she found her strength and made the decision to finish with all that she had studied and believed in, and began from zero.

She decided to give herself the possibility to discover the truth of life by herself, and at the same time be independent of what she had been told, taught and grown to believe. She opened herself to all that exists on earth and found, on her own, the essence of life.

Naomi stopped practicing the Jewish religion and began to search other religions and philosophies while at the same time studying all kinds of knowledge in existence.
Later, on reflection about her actions, she realised that it had been the most important step she had taken in her entire life, and for her being.

It was also the first act that presented her further philosophy and beliefs;
be a special being, with an open mind and heart, without restrictions and rules; be a universal being without borders of any kind; do not be committed to any teaching or religion; don’t be dependent in any way, including on any teacher or Guru; be open to the endless flow of infinite ideas that exist.
“The only commitment we have is being the light we are.”

At the same time she stopped working as a teacher, she started a business selling handcrafted souvenirs made from shells to tourists. This allowed her to be independent in her free time, thus giving her much time for her inner development. It was like doing meditation and mind praxis while doing the handcraft. (very similar to the Tibetan Mandala praxis.)

Her husband died a few years after the marriage, so at the age of 29 she had the responsibility for her two small children and the old mother-in-law, a business to run and a house that she bought with a sizeable loan which needed to be paid monthly.
In the following years, she was very busy caring for her family and paying for the house so there was little time for any kind of study or reading.

Since childhood, she had been interested in finding and understanding the cause and direction of life.

In 1975, she fell in a very deep depression and felt no wish to continue living; the burden of life seemed too heavy and she felt that she was not doing what she is, and that it is a waste of time to stay on Earth. She asked for death.
She sought help from a psychiatrist and, at the first meeting, was told that he “cannot help her if she doesn’t want to help herself.” These words were the first push that brought her back to her way.
Only the person himself can be his own healer, by realizing his own value.

She did not have therapy with the psychiatrist but instead began to look for her own way to release herself from this suffering. At this time, she could already follow her guides, so she began to study and practice parapsychology alone, then she joined the Israeli Parapsychology Society, Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner), practiced the techniques of Gurdjieff – Ouspenski and at the same time studied Kabala, Hata yoga, Raja yoga, American-Indian shamanism, philosophy, history, religion, theosophy, etc. Without teachers, on her own, she was searching, by reading and practicing, for understanding herself and the essence of life.

Growing up in a religious family “Hasidim,” she had already studied Jewish mysticism at a very young age. When she was only three years old, her father used to tell her about the light powers and the dark powers that exist in the world, and about the “Sitra Ahra” – the other power. He was guiding her by the kabala, the power of joy and love as a path to God, who teach respect for all the aspects of life.

One night in 1977 she had a very strong experience when she met a UFO on the beach of Sinai near Eilat. She had an encounter with outsider beings guides, she was covered in a sound, started to feel great vibrations inside and outside of her, as an “infinite sound” that fuelled her with energy. This was her first initiation. After that experience she began doing her full program on the Earth. After this she got the ability of another level of frequency of her consciousness.

All those years she kept in secret her interest and her studies; For all who knows her she gave the impression of a regular person. She had almost no one to share her searching and her voyage.

For 10 years she used to practice different practices in the desert of Sinai, living in isolation, being alone and in silence for long periods of time in the desert and by the sea. At that time she already stopped her business.
She got an inspiration and started to paint and to compose, doing art , kind of combination of drawing and sculpture, a mosaic with shells and corals. She made an exposition of her art. In those years she began travelling and was staying in different places at the time. She visited the Olympus, Delphi, Egypt – Luxor, the Valley of Kings, Spain, a few months in Paris, and almost all of Europe.

In 1987 she went to Thailand, Burma and Nepal. She stayed in a Tibetan monastery and studied their Buddhism and meditation (the Tibetan way). At the Vesac night (the full moon in May) – 8.5.1988 Naomi was on her trek to the Everest, and stopped in a monastery in Tingboche, in the Himalayas. At the meditation on that day she got the initiation of the masters of the Himalayas. On this day all the masters had their meeting in the Himalayas, and the Master who is ready to begin realizing his program on Earth is given the initiation for his work. Tara the long life deity gave her the love blessing.

She opened her eyes and saw a great light and felt incredible joy and all her being was flowing with love. She went back to Israel and stayed for a few months in Jerusalem with her mother, who recently had an operation.
When she came back to Eilat, she continued with her meditations and other practices. She provided her living with a job for a few hours a day in a bookshop and by renting rooms in her house to tourists.

During the Gulf War she went to Tel-Aviv to study bio-energy with the teacher Raffi Rossen who developed the Bioorgonomy method. Raffi introduced her to the work of Wilhelm Reich and the upgrades and discoveries of the sensor for energies, the seven senses. Immediately Naomi felt a great affinity for this method that finally allowed her to integrate the esoteric wisdom with the common everyday life, revealing the knowledge and experiences and started to live it herself every day of her life.
She started to give therapies and healings with very positive results and at the same time studied the spiritual healings by the kabala. At the same time she got the Reiki initiation. Later she got the traditional reiki, master instantiation.

In 1993 she opened a centre for the development of spirituality, self-knowledge, meditation, energy work in her house in Eilat, and she gave healing therapies with the bioorgonomy method.
She began teaching Bioorgonomy in Eilat, after she got the authorization of Raffi Rossen for giving this teaching. She worked with groups and individuals.
At that time she already had her direct guides, “Eheye Asher Eheye’ (I AM WHO I AM) and other guides that gave teachings for her and for others.
Naomi found herself.

She recognized her being as Noam Adonay, a light being entity that gives guidance for transformation of suffering in an easy and pleasant way. In June 1993 she got the channelling to go to Tibet and get her last power initiation. In a pilgrimage voyage, with all the hard conditions, as in the old time she managed to get to the mountain Kailash and got her last initiation. Nine months in India after that gave her more connection with the Tibetan tradition on one side and with her training as a master and teacher of her own teaching on the other.

Coming back to Israel she gave some courses for Bioorgonomy, channelling and teaching.

In September 1995 Naomi gave her house for rent, gave away all her belonging including her most beloved, the big esoteric library that she was collecting all of her life, took a backpack and went to do her mission as a wandering master, an universal being that has no attachments or belongings, be with out attachment to physical properties, a country or spiritual ideas. From 1995 she is giving teachings all around this planet, developing under her light guides, with other students and friends the HATMARA – Merkava method for bringing transformation for all kinds of causes that create suffering in life, and for a new creation and a new state of mind, for joy and love and eternal life in all dimensions.

In the last years she continue to develop and make researches for finding the absolute transformation, for having ability to be simultaneously in physical non physical – for immortality of the beings in the creation, for new creation of love and joy for all. Naomi gave seminars and private teachings, retreats in Israel, Switzerland, India, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia, and Norway. She continues to travel and teach in any place of the world, where she is invited and spread the new knowledge of life.


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